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Wrap Recipes - We have your Wrap recipes right here. Just click on the recipe you are looking for in the Wrap category from the titles listed below.

Apple Peanut Butter Wraps
Arizona Enchiladas
Asian Pork Wraps
Austin Fajitas
Barbecue Beef Crescents
Basic Fajitas
Bean And Cheese Quesadillas
Beef Tacos
Black Bean And Corn Quesadilla
Blt And Guacamole Wraps
Blueberry Dessert Wraps
Bratwurst Lasagna Wraps
Cajun Chicken And Pepper Wraps
Carne Adovada
Carne Con Chile Verde Y Papas
Cashew Chicken-avocado Wraps
Chicken And Salsa Wraps
Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Nugget Wraps
Chicken Salad Wraps
Chicken Veggie Wrap With Honey Mustard
Chicken Wraps
Chili Dog Wraps
Chili Rice Wraps
Chili Spiced Steak Wraps
Chocolate-peanut Butter Wraps
Chorizo Potato Tacos
Cincinnati Burritos
Confetti Philly Steak Wraps
County Fair Corn Dogs
Crab And Avocado Salad In A Pita
Crab Quesadillas
Crabmeat Quesadillas
Creamy Chicken Tacos
Cucumber Chicken Pitas
Deli Chicken Wraps
Deluxe Machaca Chimichangas
Easy Hoisin Pork Wraps
Egg-stuffed Pita
Fajita Pita
Fiesta Wraps
Friendly Fish In A Sleeping Bag
Great Greek Pitas
Green Beef Burritos
Grilled Chic-sausage Wraps
Grilled Chicken And Pepper Wraps
Grilled Fajita Wraps
Grilled Kielbasa In A Flour Tortilla
Grilled Pepper Shrimp Wrap
Grilled Veggie Wraps
Ham And Pepper Wraps
Hawaiian Breakfast Wraps
Hidden Valley Ranch Shrimp Salad Pita Pockets
Hidden Valley Wraps
Hot Ham, Cheese And Tomato Wraps
Hot Pork Wraps
Italian Chicken Enchiladas
Italian Sausage Calzones
Jambalaya Wraps
Machaca O Carne Seca
Mexican Bean Wraps
Mexican Beef
Moo Shu Pork Wraps
Oriental Chicken Wraps
Pan Grilled Portabella Fajitas
Pecos Pitas With Pistachios
Peking Chicken Wraps
Pepperoni Pizza Wraps
Pepperoni Pockets
Pesto Tuna Wraps
Philly Cheese Steak Wraps
Pork-scallion Wraps
Portobello And Leek Rollups
Puff Pastry Calzone
Pulled Pork Tacos With Tomatillo Salsa
Ranch Chicken Wrap
Ranch Style Breakfast Wrap
Redneck Chimichanga
Rice And Bean Wraps
Roasted Garlic Pitas
Salmon Quesadillas
Santa Fe Carnitas
Sausage And Cheese Calzone
Sausage And Corn Quesadillas
Sesame Ginger Beef Wraps
Shrimp Or Lobster Pita Pockets
Shrimp Quesadillas
Shrimp Salad Wraps
Shrimp Tacos
Shrimp Tacos
Sicilian Wrap
Simple Seafood Wrap
Sloppy Joe Pockets
Slow Roasted Pork Tacos
Soft Steak Tacos
Southwestern Wrap
Southwestern Wraps
Spicy Beef Pitas
Spicy Power Pita
Stir Fry Beef Wraps
Taco Wraps
Tacos De Carne Guisada
Tex-mex Tacos
Texas Ranch-style Fajitas
Thai Chicken Wraps
Tijuana Tacos
Toasted Chicken Salad Wraps
Trail Mix Breakfast Wraps
Turkey Caesar Wrap
Turkey Enchiladas
Turkey Strollers
Turkey Tacos
Turkey Wraps With Chipotle Mayonnaise
Vegetarian Tacos
Veggie Fajitas
Veggie Quesadillas
Veggie Quesadillas
Verde Valley Fajitas
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