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Recipe for The Breads Of Easter from the Bread section.

The Breads of Easter

Posted by Darlene at 3/26/02 2:00:56 pm

A delectable part of springtime and Easter is fragrant, sweet, yeast bread. The breads of Easter are a special part of our heritage. Their fragrance filled country kitchens for generations, promising an end to austere Lenten fasting. The hot cross bun is perhaps the most popular Easter recipe. It probably originated in pre-Christian England, where the bun was baked in honor of the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eastre, on her spring name day. Then, with the rise of Christianity, the custom of serving the fragrant, spicy buns transferred from these pagan beginnings to Easter. Easter breads traditionally are baked in various shapes. Some of the sweet yeast breads or cakes, spicy-rich and laden with fruit, come to us at Easter baked in a circle to symbolize eternity. Some are braided, whereas others are buns. The Russian kulich is baked in a tall cylindrical loaf form, and the Greek-inspired anise loaf displays a whole egg. Borrow some of these breads from other lands for traditional Easter feasting or just delicious springtime eating, for the breads of Easter, flavorful and tasty fresh, are welcome whenever you bake. Such as the simple pleasures of life.

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